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We welcome all races, all religions, all countries of origin, all sexual orientations, all genders.  We stand with you.
We stand with Israel.  We stand for Trees, the sacredness of Life, Faith, Compassion, Respect, and Love.

  • When you place an order to plant a tree in Israel, your tree will be planted through our partnership with the JNF.  

  • While you are going through the online ordering process, you will be customizing the certificate you choose with
    the special, personalized wording to honor your friend.

  • Certificates are never auto-printed; we review each order carefully for obvious spelling errors, proper capitalization,

    and more.  We then compose your inscription so that it reads beautifully.  We take great care to inscribe your tree

    planting certificate so that it reflects your heartfelt gift of tree planting.  

  • There is an additional option of adding a handwritten note card to your order, if you would like to write a longer
    message to your friend.

  • The certificate of tree planting will be mailed to the name and address that you enter for the Shipping Address.  

We offer a choice of shipping options for your certificate of tree planting, depending on how fast

you want the certificate delivered (to you or to the recipient):


    Orders are processed, and certificates of tree planting are mailed within 1 - 2 Business Days

    of your order.  Receipt within 5- 8 Business Days after mailing.


    Orders received by 12 noon EST are processed and mailed the same day (Business Days only).

    Receipt within 2 - 4 Business Days after mailing.


    Orders received by 12 noon EST are processed and mailed the same day (Business Days only).

    Receipt within 1 - 2 Business Days after mailing.

  • FREE EXPRESS MAIL USPS ($0.00 Free for Single Orders $150 & over to one address within the U.S.)  


    Orders received by 12 noon EST are processed and mailed the same day (Business Days only).

    Receipt within 1 - 2 Business Days after mailing.



    Orders are processed, and certificates of tree planting are mailed within 1 - 2 Business Days

    of your order.  Receipt within 8 - 18 Business Days after mailing.

All certificates are inscribed ONLY with the wording that you enter on your order. 
Please rest assured that the copyright watermark that you see on the certificate samples is NOT printed on your certificate
of tree planting. The Poems that you see on our website, are also NOT inscribed on your certificate, unless you want them
there, of course.

Much of the natural vegetation in the Holy Land had disappeared, or had been destroyed by the time reforestation efforts began
over 100 years ago.  The Bible was the source of knowledge of which species were native to the Holy Land.   Originally planted
by God, were olive, oak, pine, cypress, tamarisk, palm, acacia, and carob.  These are the species of trees we are planting to replenish
and nurture the land.

Tree saplings are between 1 to 2 years old, with a trunk diameter between 1 to 3 inches, and a height of approximately 24 inches.

Current reforestation efforts in Israel are in three places: the mountainous slopes in the Galilee, in the Negev desert, and in urban areas for beautification and recreational parks. We cannot direct a specific type of tree to be planted, or choose the specific location.  Your trees are planted where they are most needed, in the environment that is most conducive for their growth.

Trees are not marked when planted.  The price of $18.00 per tree does not permit for the creation, placement, and upkeep of permanent
markers on each tree, along with the directories and forest personnel which would be necessary to provide assistance in locating one tree
among a forest of thousands of trees.

You will, however, feel enriched and uplifted when you view the forests that you have created together with thousands of fellow planters. While in Israel, ask your spiritual leader, tour guide, or tourism official to arrange for you to plant a tree with your own hands in the holy soil (see next question).

How wonderful you will be in Israel!  It is a great blessing to plant a tree, and to help a forest grow.
Plant some roots of your own in Israel, and help keep the Holy Land green for generations to come!

Below are several Plant Your Own Tree Centers at various locations in Israel, but you must communicate directly with them to
schedule your visit.


  • Harvey Hertz JNF Ceremonial Tree Planting Center  10 minutes from Ben-Gurion Airport, 20 minutes from Jerusalem.  
    The only biblical land reserve in the world.  Generally, open Sunday through Thursday, 9am to 4pm.  
    Registration in advance is required through their website (click on the Harvey Hertz link in blue above).
    Or, call 08.977.0782 (while in Israel) ~ or  011.972.8.977.0782 (from the U.S.)

    They strongly suggest registering 7 days in advance.

  • KKL/JNF Forests in Israel:  
    1) Judean Foothills Tree Planting Center in the Tzora Forest (approximately 18 miles west of Jerusalem).
    2) Galilee Tree Planting Center at Golani Junction in the north.  
    Registration for each of these forests is required in advance through the website (click on the KKL/JNF Forests link in blue above)
    to coordinate and arrange your visit.

Trees for the Holy Land is dedicated to planting as many trees as possible; therefore, we are keeping the price as low as possible.
Also of note is Gematria; Judaism's spiritual interpretation of numbers ~ a study for understanding the sacred texts on a different level. Numerical values, which denote various symbolisms and attributes, are assigned to each letter of the alphabet. In this form of biblical numerology, 18 is the value of the letters in the Hebrew word "chai", which means life. When you plant a tree for $18, you are giving "life"
to the Holy Land.

Trees for the Holy Land is based in the United States.  Orders are processed, and certificates of tree planting are mailed from
Florida and Virginia.

Trees for the Holy Land trees are planted with love by the Jewish National Fund, on land owned by the State of Israel.

  • If you selected the Shipping Option of either Priority Mail USPS or Express Mail USPS, you have received a tracking number
    for your order shipment.  If you cannot find it, please Contact Us, and we will be happy to provide the tracking number again.

  • If you selected the Shipping Option of First Class Mail USPS, First Class mail does not have a tracking number or delivery confirmation.

  • We understand and sympathize that you haven’t received a thank you note.  While grieving and in mourning, people may not yet
    be up to sending a prompt thank you note.

Yes!  A custom number of trees is a most special way to honor those you love on their birthday, anniversary, or for the number of people
in your family.  Please Contact Us or email us at and we would love to help you with your special tree planting.

Addresses are compared and standardized to the database of the U.S. Postal System to ensure an accurate and prompt delivery.
Authorize.Net instantly processes credit card entries through to the bank that issued your credit card.  It is your credit card
company that has declined the transaction, not Trees for the Holy Land.  Please contact your credit card company with the
phone number on the back of your credit card to inquire why they declined the transaction.   It’s also possible that you
entered your credit card number incorrectly, and so you may wish to try again.

You should have received an immediate and automatic confirmation at the email address you provided when you ordered.
 If you haven’t, most likely you entered your email address incorrectly when placing your order.  Also, check your Junk/Spam
Mail folder in case it was routed there.  IF you haven’t received your confirmation email, don’t hesitate to let us know.  We will
forward the confirmation to you.  Contact Us or email

  • Yes.  Reply as soon as possible to the Order Confirmation you received by email, with any requests
    for changes or cancellation.   

  • Contact Us, or email as soon as possible

  • Do not phone, as that is an extremely slow method of contacting us, and it is better that we
    receive your changes in writing.       

International orders are welcome.  There is a Flat Rate Shipping Fee of $8.00 to mail the certificate of tree planting
to addresses outside of the U.S.

  • Orders are processed, and certificates of tree planting are mailed within 1 to 2 Business Days.  

    Priority Mail and Express Mail orders are processed faster than First Class U.S. Mail orders.

  • YOUR ORDER MAY BE PUT ON HOLD if it contains name spellings that do not match or seem logical,

    or other anomalies. Your order will be placed On Hold until we reach you to verify.  


    Please reply asap, in writing, so that your order can be processed promptly.


    After you submit your order, please review the email you receive with your order confirmation,

    in case there are any errors.

It depends on the Shipping Option you select, and also on any anomalies in your order entry for which your order
would be On Hold pending contact with you.

  • First Class U.S. Mail ($4.00) – NO Tracking Number or Delivery Confirmation.

Orders are processed, and certificates of tree planting are mailed within 1 to 2 Business Days.
Receipt within 5 to 8 Business Days after mailing.

  • Priority Mail USPS ($7.00) – WITH Tracking Number and Delivery Confirmation.

Orders received by 12 noon EST are processed and mailed the same day (Business Days only).
Receipt within 2-4 Business Days after mailing.

  • Express Mail USPS ($24.00) – WITH Tracking Number and Delivery Confirmation.

Orders received by 12 noon EST are processed and mailed the same day (Business Days only).
Receipt within 1-2 Business Days after mailing.

We accept these major credit cards: Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, along with PayPal and Amazon Pay.

If you prefer a slower, less-secure method of mailing your order (rather than placing your order online),
you may
 Print This Order Form  and mail the Form along with your check to us.

Yes.  Authorize.Net, is the gold standard in payment processing.  Credit card numbers, expiry dates, names, and other details
are encrypted using the level of online security banks use, 128-bit encryption.  Credit card details are not seen by humans
at any point, cannot be accessed, and are never stored. Ordering online is much safer than giving your credit card to a waiter
in a restaurant.

This website is hosted in a virtual (cloud-based) environment with industry-standard certifications including:

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Learn more:  Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council

Additionally, we do not store your credit card number. We purposely do not have "customer accounts" where you can have us "save" your credit card to make it easier for you to purchase on future orders. While other stores/websites may believe that is a helpful feature for your convenience, we believe it is risky to allow stores to retain your credit card number and personal information (and some stores don't give you choice, or even allow you to de-select storing your credit card on their website).

This is a nice idea, but we prefer that you keep your money.  Did you know that approximately 18% of gift cards and other store
credits are never redeemed?

The $18 per tree is not a tax-deductible donation; it is the fee for the tree-planting service.

Call our telephone call center (301) 790-7790, where the nice people will take your name, phone number, and question,
or your order if you are not comfortable ordering online.

Please be advised that telephone is not be the best or the fastest way to reach us.  You will receive a very prompt response
in writing when you Contact Us or email

Trees planted by Trees for the Holy Land not only beautify the land, they produce many environmental benefits:

AIR - All trees intake carbon dioxide (using up the harmful gas we are overproducing) and create the oxygen necessary for human
and animal life.  Weather patterns are also affected, as trees encourage increased rainfall.  Trees also stabilize temperature in the
forests and increase air humidity.
SOIL - The roots of trees anchor the soil, thus preventing valuable, rich topsoil from being washed away by rain or blown away by
wind.  The falling leaves and needles of trees decompose and provide rich elements for the soil.  Planting trees actually accomplishes
desert reclamation.  Land deteriorating into desert is not a problem confined to the Holy Land; it is a worldwide phenomenon,
occurring all over the globe at the rate of over 14 million acres per year.  Desertification is the result from both climatic conditions
and human's destructive use of the soil.  The planting of trees, along with sophisticated techniques from nursery propagation to
irrigation, provides for the reclamation, preservation, and enrichment of soil.
WATER - The trees you plant help to prevent harmful land pollutants, contained in the soil, from entering waterways.  Your trees
slow down water run-off, ensuring that groundwater supplies are continually replenished.
WILDLIFE - Almost disappeared, wildlife has returned to the new forests in Israel.  You can now see deer, rabbit, squirrel,
fox, quail, and many beautiful birds.  Animal habitats complete the circle of life in our Holy Land forests.

Next Shmita will be in 5782 (September 7, 2021 – September 26, 2022).

Shmita is the Sabbath year in Israel, occurring every seventh year; the year when the land is “released” and allowed to rest.
During this year, Jewish law prohibits farming, tilling soil, planting seeds, plowing, harvesting, and pruning, but work such as
watering, fertilizing, and pulling weeds is allowed.

“For six years you shall sow your field, and for six years you shall prune

your vineyard, and gather in its produce. But in the seventh year, the land

shall have a complete rest, a Sabbath to the Lord; you shall not sow your

field, you shall not prune your vineyard, nor shall you reap the after growth

of your harvest..”                         Leviticus 25:3-6

Many additional trees are planted in advance the year before Shmita, so that the tree you order has already been planted.
View photos and read more about the sabbatical year, along with arrangements completed for shmita.